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Green sharing: children's clothing and clothing focus on environmental protection

Editor:桐乡市华通化纤有限公司 │ Time:2019-10-12 

Entering Fenghuang Town, Ningjin County, a tall Ark-shaped building stands on the side of the road. This is the upcoming Tongtai Industrial Park.

“The industrial park is built in accordance with the green building standards of the United States. All doors and windows are made of German energy-saving doors and windows. The building materials are energy-saving and environment-friendly. This building is used to praise the city we live in, and to make the building and the city live in harmony.” Tongtai infant costumes Yu Huabin, chairman of the company, said.

In 1986, after several trials, Yan Huabin saw the infant and apparel market. Starting from small family workshops, relying on the unremitting pursuit of product quality, the output value and sales increased year by year, and the scale of the company continued to expand. At present, the number of employees has reached 4,000. This year, the company invested 1.1 billion yuan to build the Tongtai Industrial Park, and the company is moving towards a new stage of development.

Tongtai Industrial Park focuses on “green” and originates from Qi Huabin’s environmental protection concept: the current smoggy environment, everyone living in it has responsibility, then start from me and let every production link It is environmentally friendly and creates environmentally friendly infant and toddler clothing. Tongtai's production water has long been discharged, but it has been treated as landscape water for plant irrigation. At the same time, they insisted on not purchasing fabrics without sewage treatment facilities, and promoted the environmental awareness of upstream enterprises; now Tong Taizheng Cooperated with two research institutes to develop plant dyeing technology to make the color of the garment more beautiful, but no pollution.

Compared with the common industrial parks, Tongtai Industrial Park is not only a “green” building, but its design is more humane and more complete: 1-7 floors for production workshops, 8-9 floors for exhibition rooms, 10 The -12th floor is a Chinese and foreign special dining street, guest rooms, etc. The roof is equipped with a tarmac, an outdoor swimming pool and a garden, and there is a rainwater collection and treatment system. In the workshop, new production equipment is entering the market, including the world's advanced level of French Lectra computer automatic typesetting cutting and cutting, Japan's Kawakami cloth machine, Austrian code printing equipment. "In addition to first-class equipment, we also need to provide workers with a first-class production environment and work conditions." Yan Huabin told reporters.

In the production workshop of the industrial park, there are two shared spaces on each floor. Employees can enjoy the rock and water here, and can also read and drink coffee. “Life attitude determines the product grade, and people who do not pursue high taste life do it. We do not produce high-quality products. The reason why our products are weak in the international market, the gap lies in our attitude towards life and culture.” Yan Huabin thinks so. Not only the setting of shared space, but also the future swimming pool, garden and other service facilities are also open to employees. In the planning, the high-standard international school from kindergarten to high school will be built across the industrial park to better serve employees and society.

In the local enterprises, Tongtai is the first company to implement weekly rest, and strictly abide by the 8-hour work system, even if it does not exceed 8:00 pm. "In 2006, the implementation of Sunday rest, there is a lot of resistance, not only from the management, because it is estimated that the rest of the week will bring about 2 million yuan in losses throughout the year, and there are resistances in the staff. Everyone is willing to do more." Yan Huabin recalled. However, Yan Huabin is determined to implement a rest policy, so that employees must work in Tongtai with dignity! Unexpectedly, the sales of Tongtai doubled.

In Tong Tai, the reporter saw a detail: in the staff restaurant, the tableware is a simple imported product. Yan Huabin introduced that it is an environmentally friendly product that is specially requested by the purchasing department to ensure the health of employees.

A good working environment and the highest income level in the local area have enabled the company to gather a large number of skilled workers. They are often old employees with more than 20 years of service. "The craftsmanship needs a good working environment and work treatment. I believe in the environment + Respect + culture can shape the craftsmen that everyone expects." Yan Huabin said.

Now, Huan Huabin will go to the construction site every day to supervise the quality and progress of the project. He looks at the "green" building growing day by day, he is very happy. "Why is wealth created? It is for sharing. I have been enjoying it for 30 years," said Hua Huabin.

At present, Tongtai Garment has established R&D centers in Italy and Japan, and signed a new product design cooperation development agreement with international famous clothing design companies. The product sales network covers the whole country, and it has occupied production scale, hardware construction and products in the domestic baby wear field. Three champions were sold; the export market grew rapidly, and a sales center covering the Southeast Asian market was established in Malaysia. Yan Huabin firmly believes that by creating positive energy for the society and taking a different path, life is wonderful and power is unlimited.